Social Security Disability/SSI

Whether you are preparing to file a Social Security disability claim due to your current circumstances or your claim was denied, you might find yourself questioning whether or not you need legal representation. If you’re like many Social Security disability claimants, you are also concerned that hiring a lawyer would be cost-prohibitive. Because you will only be charged once Social Security approves benefits, there is little risk to acquiring the best legal representation possible.

You Need Expertise

Did you know that most Social Security disability claims and SSI claims are initially denied? Working with a skilled and experienced attorney like Emmett B. Irwin will set you up for success and ensure that the appeals process is completed as quickly as possible if your claim is denied. Many SSI and Social Security disability claims need to have a hearing before an administrative law judge before disability benefits are extended. Having an SSI attorney by your side can dramatically increase the likelihood of receiving the compensation that you deserve.

Building Your Case for Social Security Disability/SSI Benefits

Hiring the right lawyer is key to the success of your claim. We always begin by building a strong case for every client. Thanks to our wealth of experience working on Social Security disability and SSI cases, we understand how to thoroughly prepare a case for a hearing, ask the right questions to your medical staff, order the proper medical tests and assist the judge in understanding the severity of your condition.

We only receive compensation when your claims are approved, so we work hard for every client. From following up on medical records to preparing your test results so that they can be easily understood by the judge, The Law Office of Emmett B. Irwin is tireless until you receive the benefits you are entitled to.