Medicaid Planning and Appeals

Medicaid Planning and Appeals

Long-term care planning is an essential part of ensuring that your wishes are carried out as you age. At The Law Office of Emmett B. Irwin, we can assist you and your loved ones throughout the Medicaid planning and appeals process.

Why Is Medicaid Planning a Good Idea?

A growing number of older adults are looking at Medicaid planning as part of their long-term care planning due to the rising cost of healthcare. It is very expensive to have skilled medical care as we age, and Medicaid can help give you the care that you deserve. Putting the time into Medicaid planning now can ensure that, when the time comes, you can have access to funds that help to cover:

  • The costs associated with hospitalization
  • Prescription drug expenses
  • Physician visits and outpatient medical services

Medicaid Planning in Maryland

Medicare will not cover your costs for long-term care as you age, but Medicaid can. Determining your eligibility for Medicaid is a critical part of long-term care planning. Your eligibility will depend on your financial need. Unfortunately, many seniors feel like they are forced to exhaust the wealth they spent their lives building in order to get any help from Medicaid. However, there are numerous ways to get financial assistance for your long-term care without depleting your assets in the process.

Emmett B. Irwin can walk you through your options for Medicaid planning in Maryland and assist in the preparation of any trusts and other ways to keep your assets without preventing you from qualifying for Medicaid.